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Go Contactless with eZee

Hotel Audit Report

Fron Office Operations

Front Office Operations

Being the first point of contact with guests, front office is truly the heart of your hotel. Offer a phenomenal guest-experience with eZee Absolute software.

Front Office Operations

Room Allocations

Allotting rooms while considering varied guest preferences can be easily done; either automatically or manually.

Registration Card

Our software makes it a whole lot convenient for you to create customizable registration card for that day’s arrivals.

Manage your Paymaster Rooms

Paymaster rooms A.K.A virtual or dummy rooms are those which are not physically a part of a hotel’s inventory, but are considered as a part of the inventory virtually.

Often times, you may get a guest who wants to keep his booking at your hotel, yet not stay-in for a few days. In such cases, you can move his booking to a virtual room in order to take a new reservation for the same room. The online hotel management system’s feature of Paymaster rooms will let you move your reservations to a paymaster or a virtual room for the time being, such that your inventory as well as revenue is not affected.


eZee web PMS competently manages the process of check-in with activities like posting early check-in charges, generating an electronic key card, sending guest notifications via SMS / email, printing registration cards / receipts / vouchers / invoices as per guest request and more. Additionally, the day-use check-in feature allows allotment of room for guests who will check-out on the same day.

Moreover, our ‘Mobile Guest Portal’ will let your guests fill up their registration details before their arrival, expediting the check-in process, thereby enhancing guest services.


Covering all the characteristics like late check-out charges, billing, accepting payments in multiple currencies, folio transfers and more; the checkout process with eZee PMS is a piece of cake for all booking types.

Additionally, through our integrated feedback management service you can send automated email requesting for a feedback post check-out.

Room Moves and Stay Amendments

Tasks such as guest requests, room change and compensations can be done by your front office staff with just a few clicks. Post every change, the system will automatically update inventory across the channels and your website ensuring that you don’t miss any potential opportunity.

Quick Updates

Errors are part of any business operations, but there can always be adjustments and corrections to keep the guests happy. During instances such as cancelling a booking by mistake; reinstating it to the previous status, folio and charge transfers will take just a few minutes.

Miscellaneous Sales

In case a guest wishes to use a few of your hotel facilities such as the hotel club or restaurant without booking a hotel room, you can use the Point-Of-Sale (POS) feature and generate an incident invoice for the non staying guest.

Supplement Hotel Services

Apart from the obvious hotel operations, we also offer services such as expense management, task management and managing guest messages.

Swift and Simple Night Audit

Swift and Simple Night Audit

The operations of every hotel are concluded by a daily night audit. The online hotel PMS’s night audit feature will let you go through the procedure one step at a time automatically putting together a summary of the day’s activities for verification. Night Audit can be either automated or manual as per your need.


Providing your housekeeping staff a helping hand, our hotel PMS offers a simple and easy to use Housekeeping module inclusive of the status of each room, setting up of auto posting remarks for Housekeeping department on a daily basis and much more. Additionally, this module keeps the front-desk staff updated with the ongoing of the housekeeping department and room status.


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