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The magic you can experience with eZee Mint

Certified Revenue Experts

In-depth analysis

Forecast booking trends beforehand to prepare you better.

Certified Revenue Experts

Intelligent pricing

Dynamic prices based on rule sets to give you real-time results.

Certified Revenue Experts

Operational efficiency

Eliminates manual work and saves your 4 work hours per day.

Certified Revenue Experts

Higher OTA visibility

Attract customers with optimized visibility on connected channels.

Certified Revenue Experts

24*7 automation

Real-time price updates continually without any human intervention.

Certified Revenue Experts

Detailed reporting

Complete breakdown of property room nights, ADR, occupancy and RevPar.

How does eZee Mint work?

Our software optimizes pricing based on solid criteria and pushes the competent rates online to maximize your occupancy.

Pricing Parameters
  • Weekly occupancy
  • Compset analysis
  • Seasonality
  • Lead time
  • Day of the week
  • Last-minute booking
  • Demands
Pricing Computation
Pricing Computation
  • Implements dynamic pricing 365 days
  • Improves overall efficiency
  • Increases occupancy
  • Enhances revenue

Wish to see the change with our pricing engine?


  • Low OTA visibility
  • Fewer bookings
  • Manual price updates
  • Limited data for analysis
  • Unstable property revenue



  • High OTA visibility
  • More bookings
  • 24*7 dynamic pricing automation
  • Detailed reports for better analysis
  • Optimised property revenue

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