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Catering to hoteliers across 600+ cities of India

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Fast check-in/out procedure

Handling individual or group bookings at your property becomes trouble-free with the best hotel management software in India.

Police Inquiry Form

Hoteliers in India need to submit international guest information to their nearest police station. Our hotel PMS allows you to provide these details right from the software.

Manage Hotel Reservations

Our online hotel booking system allows you to perform several operations and manage reservations received from all your booking sources.

Effortless Rate Management

Maximize your hotel profits by setting up separate room rates for different types of guests and occasions right from the hotel PMS.

User Privileges and Security

You can create multiple user profiles using India’s best hotel PMS and grant access to data based on their roles, maintaining your data security.

Meal Plans and Packages

Easily configure various rate and meal plans in the hotel software. Further, we also let you set up and sell those combined rate plans as packages.

Mobile Guest Self-service Portal

Let your guests build and manage their profiles, perform self check-in, request services, check bills, and more; all from their mobile devices.

Hotel Operation On-the-go

Our hotel PMS comes with an advanced mobile app, that allows you to perform several hotel operations right at your fingertips.

GST Compliant

GST Compliant Hotel Solution for India

Our PMS is a perfect fit for hospitality businesses in India. The GST-ready hotel software will help you perform the following functions effortlessly:

  • Accurate GST Payable Calculation
  • Tax Structure Creation
  • Create Multiple GSTN Returns
  • Integration with GST Suvidha Providers (GSP) For Report Submission
  • Reduce Manual Errors by Calculating Tax Automatically
  • ePayment Provision as per Suitable GST Rates
  • Precise Reports for ITC and GST Amounts
  • GST-compliant Invoices and Receipts
E-invoice compliant

E-invoice compliant hotel PMS solution

The Central Board of Direct taxes and Customs (CBIC) made the e-invoicing system mandatory for taxpayers with a turnover higher than ₹50 crores from 1st April 2021. This means, for hoteliers, e-invoice has to be given only to its B2B customers i.e when an invoice is billed to their company.

E-invoicing not only creates a digital trail of an invoice but also helps populate GST returns and can simplify compliance for a large number of taxpayers. To make hoteliers’ work easy, we have made this provision in our property management system which is directly connected with the Clear Tax E-Invoicing services.

The Clear Tax tailored e-invoicing solutions will automate business functions by sharing an IRN Number and QR code to eZee’s users directly from its interface; eliminating the manual errors.

Integrate with the most powerful booking engine

Integrate your hotel management solution with India’s best booking engine and offer your guests a quick and smooth reservation experience. Let your visitors check rooms, availability, and rates on a real-time basis and book their stay directly from your website. This enables you to generate higher revenue by offering them promotional offers and discounts.

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Integrate with the industry’s fastest channel manager

Our hotel software is also integrated with the fastest online channel manager in India (and in the industry) to help you manage real-time rates and availability on connected OTAs and metasearch engines. eZee Centrix channel manager automates your entire inventory distribution process and minimizes your overbookings, rate disparity issues and manual errors in rate updates.

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hotel management integrations to serve you better

The only hotel software in India that has got you covered with maximum third-party integrations.

Why Hotels in India Choose Us?

eZee has all the features that I require to run my hotel and I am really impressed with its hotel app. I can access my system even while I am traveling.

Leela Cottages

I would highly recommend you to use eZee’s software and also its restaurant POS! We have grown from 30 rooms inventory to 158 and I believe this is the #1 hotel software in India.

Amara Hotels and Resorts

The hotel software is really handy and the best in India. I can see my property details whenever I am traveling, which helps me look after my business at all times.

Yorkshire Hotels and Resorts

Incorporating the features that hostels need, eZee has been supportive in all of those things. Best hotel PMS software in India.

Deep Banka, Online Sales Manager at Zostel, PAN India.


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FAQs: Find the answers to the questions that tickle your mind

  • Why is a GST compliant hotel software essential?

    The Indian hospitality industry needs to comply with the GST taxation law set forth by the Government. To streamline all the sales and purchases, your hotel software must be GST-ready. Our hotel PMS, eZee Absolute is one such solution that meets these norms without hindering your day-to-day operations.

  • How much does a hotel software cost in India?

    The ideal price of hotel software in India depends upon the number of rooms that your hotel has. However, we offer multiple subscription plans i.e only hotel PMS, or a package of hotel software with an online booking engine and channel manager. Thus, the cost of our hotel software in India depends on the type of plan you select based on your business requirements. To know more about, visit our pricing page.

  • Which is the best hotel software in India?

    There are a number of hotel management solutions available today. However, choosing the best for your property depends completely on your requirements and the type you want to go for - cloud hotel PMS or a desktop solution. Here’s how you can compare and evaluate the right solution for your property.

  • Why do hoteliers in India choose eZee?

    Our full suite hotel tech solutions make eZee the top pick amongst hoteliers. We rank #1 in India and Asia with 10K+ happy users. Our company has a local presence in 600+ cities across India offering 24x7 support services and backed by industry leaders like, Agoda, and more.

  • What other hospitality solutions do you offer in India?

    Our seamlessly integrated hotel software in India includes,

    1. Hotel management system - eZee Absolute
    2. Channel manager - eZee Centrix
    3. Booking engine - eZee Reservation
    4. Restaurant POS system - eZee Optimus
    5. Website builder solution - eZee Panorama

    These products, along with our add-on solutions streamline your property’s operations effortlessly.

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