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Successful hotel chains need latest technology to run on And we give you that.

An all-inclusive multi-property management system

multi property management software

What is a multi property management software?

Multi property management software is an integrated set of technology solutions to simplify all the operations of a hotel chain. It lets you handle your hotel group’s reservations, housekeeping, marketing, guest engagement, inventory distribution, and everything else from one place. We provide the best software for hotel chains to streamline your operations and grow your business.

We help you beat the challenges in your hotel chain management

2, 10 or 100 hotels; take control of each operation of every property of your hotel chain under one roof. We have an all-in-one solution to overcome the various challenges you come across while handling your hospitality group.

eZee Feature

One vendor. One system

No more to and fro among different systems. You get all technology solutions viz. hotel software, channel manager, booking engine, review management; integrated into one system. For that reason, it becomes easy to train your staff for a single system.

eZee Feature

A completely integrated system

You neither have to rush to different vendors to solve your issues, nor have to maintain different invoices as per your locations. Since our multi property PMS has everything you need to manage your hotel group under one roof, you get rid of all these hassles.

eZee Feature

All reservations in-sync

Keep a track of all reservations of all your locations from one place, irrespective of the number of properties and booking sources. Additionally, use a single window to take bookings and inquiries of any location right from the multiple property management system.

eZee Feature

Centralized booking engine

Get rid of the tedious job of maintaining a different booking engine for all locations. You can provide your guests with a unified booking engine to book for any location. Not only that, you can track each booking precisely.

eZee Feature

Consolidated guests’ details

You can track every single detail of all your guests albeit the plenitude of guest data for different properties. Right from tracking the guest journey in your hotel chain to their preferences; everything is stored in one place.

eZee Feature

Centralized travel agent management

You may or may not have different travel agents as per locations. Whichever is the case, the hotel chain system lets you track and maintain sales, commission, and many other details centrally.

eZee Feature

Consolidated data insights

eZee Absolute sets you free when it comes to managing the scattered data of your business. You get unified data insights into your bookings, occupancy, revenue and everything else all properties of your hotel chain.

eZee Feature

Accurate performance analysis

With all the data insights easily available in the system,you can analyze performance and take a better decision to expand your business. Besides, you can track the revenue accurately and apply the right strategies.

Endorsed and backed up by industry leaders

We take one step more to solve your hospitality group’s problems

eZee Feature

Stable channel connectivity

The advanced channel manager for multiple properties helps you manage the availability and rates of your entire hotel group on all connected channels. Besides, the hotel CRS system keeps all the inventories of your hotel chain in-sync.

eZee Feature

Data security guarantee

As your hotel chain system is used by N number of users at various locations, a matter of security always troubles you. Well, you can assign the access of data and operations as per your staff’s roles and location.

eZee Feature

Accurate cash flow

The financial accounting software integration helps you keep a tab on sales, purchase, expenses and the entire cash flow in your hotel chain. In addition, all your properties’ tax filing gets sorted because of our system.

eZee Feature

Well-monitored guest satisfaction

Other aspects of your hospitality group management may not let you focus on imparting good guest experience. But our software sends scheduled promotional emails and SMSes to your guests, and even lets you respond to guest reviews.

eZee Feature

Cross-border operations handled

It may be possible that your properties are located in different time zones and regions. Well, our hotel chain management software takes care of that too. With the multi-language feature, your staff can use the system in their preferred language.

eZee Feature

Welcome international guests

When you are situated at different locations, you are likely to welcome international guests. Cater them smartly by generating bills in their preferred language and currency. Also, you can accept payment in various currencies.

A multi-property management system preferred by various groups worldwide

I have been using eZee’s central reservation system for my hotel chain, Capital Hotels in Iceland. Using the system has been easy and the connection from the OTAs to eZee Absolute via the channel manager is problem free. I no more have to do any to and fro from one property to another to manage reservations and inquiries. All of it is managed centrally by the eZee’s CRS hotel software. Whenever I’ve had any queries, the 24 hour support from eZee has always been there to solve them. After so many years in the industry, I have yet to come across better support staff.

multi-property management system
Arni Solonsson Msc. Director at Capital Hotels, Iceland

Your hotel chain management is supported by steady and robust services

hotel chain management
100% onboarding and implementation
hotel chain management
Dedicated account manager
hotel chain management
Unlimited free product training
hotel chain management
24x7x365 live support via chat, emails and calls

Integrated with third-party hardware and software solutions

Our multi property management system is integrated with the top-rated third-party hardware and software solutions to simplify your hotel management. In addition to financial accounting software, you can avail integrations with payment gateways, keycard door locks and many more.

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