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Note: By signing in to this hotel management system demo account, you get access to all the features of eZee Absolute and eZee’s distribution extranet.

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With eZee, our inventory has grown from 30 to 150 rooms!

eZee is an amazing software that helped us keep track of our inventory, rates and bookings all from the PMS itself. Right monitoring and night auditing have resulted in the growth of our inventory from 30 to 150 rooms. That’s a huge success for our property, all thanks to eZee.

Amara hotels & resorts

What took hours before can now be done in minutes with eZee Absolute!

eZee Absolute is loaded with numerous features that make managing all the operations like bookings, rate updates, inventory updates, billing super easy. It is super fast and saves a lot of my time. It’s flawless integrations and constant support, 24X7 is really commendable and makes everything easy.

Hotel huzafell

We have bid farewell to multiple vendors, as eZee Absolute is the one-stop solution!

eZee Absolute has been our trusted software for years now. Its channel manager, booking engine and other integrations are super fast and reliable as compared to other cloud PMSs. It has made the daily operations so smooth that I wonder how we managed without it before.

Somerset inn & hotels

Your hotel can only progress if you pick the right hotel software

eZee’s hotel management system complies all the hotel technology essentials into a single integrated system. It allows you to manage all your front office operations, housekeeping, reservations and the complete channel distribution from one place. Apart from that, it contributes to increasing your hotel revenue and business. This is how it becomes your right choice.

  • Simplified hotel operations

    Simplified hotel operations

    Be it front office, billing and payments, housekeeping, hotel maintenance or any other such tasks, our hotel system gives you complete control over your operations from one place.

  • Your direct bookings increase

    Your direct bookings increase

    The integrated booking engine in eZee’s cloud-based hotel management software allows you to receive unlimited direct bookings right from your hotel website. So, your revenue gets multiplied.

  • Inventory distribution gets sorted

    Inventory distribution gets sorted

    The seamlessly integrated channel manager allows you to perform live inventory and rate updates on all your connected channels, reducing your overbookings and rate disparity issues.

  • Meal plans and packages, ordered

    Meal plans and packages, ordered

    With eZee’s hotel software, you can easily configure various rate plans and meal plans that you offer. With respect to which, you can also set up and sell those combined rate plans as packages.

  • Group bookings made easy

    Group bookings made easy

    Not only single reservations, but the online hotel management software will also make managing your group bookings spontaneous and convenient.

  • Go trendy; accept self-check-ins

    Go trendy; accept self-check-ins

    Through the advanced features like mobile guest portal, let your guests build and manage their profiles, perform self check-in, request for services, check bills and more; which alleviates the guest experience.

  • Guest experience to hotel marketing, organized

    Guest experience to hotel marketing, organized

    The hotel management software lets you send pre-arrival, in-house, post departure and promotional emails and SMS to guests; which betters your guest experience and takes care of your hotel marketing.

  • Your data remains safe

    Your data remains safe

    eZee’s online hotel software lets you take complete care of your hotel data. It allows you to restrict data access and operations through privileges as per the roles your users fulfill.

  • Systematic profile management

    Systematic profile management

    With our hotel management software, you can easily create and manage multiple profiles at your property viz. guest profiles, travel agent profiles, company profiles, and manage their details.

  • Error-free folio operations

    Error-free folio operations

    This cloud-based hotel PMS system will easily help you merge folios, route folios, split folios, transfer folios and every other such folio management operation very accurately.

  • Business analysis and reports

    Business analysis and reports

    The hotel system gives you in-depth insights on your hotel performance, helping you make strategic business decisions through a variety of daily and monthly occupancy and managerial reports.

  • third-party integrations to back you up

    third-party integrations to back you up

    You can easily run your business smartly by choosing the best from third-party integrations like financial accounting, payment gateways, key card door locks and many more.

Run your hotel on your fingertips with the hotel PMS mobile app

eZee Absolute comes with a complete hotel management mobile app, using which you get to run your hotel on-the-move. With a hotel PMS app, you spend less time dealing with your front office tasks and invest more time with your guests. The app even comes with a digital assistant. You can take this hospitality management software demo, and see how it makes your entire hotel management convenient.

PMS mobile app

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If you are unsure of the right hotel software for your business, then you can enroll for a personalized demo of the property management system in your hotel data - completely FREE!

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FAQs: We’ve answered some of your basic questions.

  • How long will my hotel software free trial last?

    14 days. You can evaluate our hotel management software for 14 days at no cost.

  • What if I am not able to evaluate in 14 days? Can I extend the trial period?

    Yes, you can extend the trial period of your hotel management software demo on request.

  • Which integrated software or solutions can I evaluate during the free trial?

    During the free trial period, you can evaluate our booking engine, channel manager, and even the mobile PMS app. Except for third-party integrations like financial accounting, PABX and likewise, you get access to all the integrated solutions of eZee Absolute.

  • Will I get the training (to get started) during my hotel software demo?

    Yes definitely. You get a thorough product training to get started with eZee Absolute easily. Moreover, you can always get back to us if you face any difficulty evaluating our hotel software.

  • Will my data be safe during the hotel PMS trial period?

    Yes, cent percent. eZee’s hotel management system and other cloud solution(s) are PCI-DSS compliant. They hold the highest level of security compliance at the moment as per industry standards. Besides, we have antivirus, firewalls, and other prevention mechanisms to protect our solutions and data from malicious activities. Thus, ensuring the utmost security of your data.

  • What is the procedure to purchase the software after the trial period?

    You can contact our sales team or sales representative who is in touch with you. They will assist you in your purchase process. Besides, it is not mandatory for you to purchase the system after the trial ends. In case you're convinced that the system is perfect for you, you can contact us anytime to proceed with the purchase.

  • Is the personalized property management software free trial different from the basic free trial?

    In the personalized free trial, instead of pre-configured data, we configure your own data in the software. So you get a live experience of how this software will work in real-time. Whereas in the basic free trial, you can evaluate the software in the pre-configured data.

  • If I decide to purchase the hotel management system/software, what happens to my data? Do I have to start afresh?

    When you sign up for the hotel PMS trial, you either get a pre-configured database available with the free demo or you can configure your own database. Since it's a cloud-based system, your data will also remain as it is. And once you have purchased the system, you don't have to start again, you can continue working with your data as configured in the trial period.

  • What is the price of hotel management software?

    We have a modular pricing system in which you pay for what you require. The pricing depends on your requirements i.e. the number of rooms and your integrations. You can refer to the pricing of hotel management software from here.

  • What is the billing cycle? Which different payment options do you offer?

    You can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly as per your preference. Regarding payment options, we provide you with various payment options like online credit card payment, bank transfer, Paypal, etc. You can contact our sales department for more information.

  • How long does it take to configure or set up my account, after I have purchased the software?

    It takes 3 business days after collecting your property’s data to set up your account.