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What is a hostel management system?

The hostel management system is developed specifically for the hostel owners to manage different activities in the hostel. Right from promotions, receiving bookings through multiple OTAs, managing and selling beds and dorms to enhancing guests’ experience. A hostel software basically streamlines the whole nine yards of your hostel while also helping you grow your revenue.

Benefits of our online hostel management system

Regardless of your hostel’s size and the type of beds or rooms you are selling, our best hostel management software will help you simplify all complex operations with no interruptions.

Hostel dorms

Dorms or private rooms: set up and sell any

Just as you keep options open for your guests to choose from individual beds a.k.a dormitories or private rooms, our hostel reservation system will let you handle your bookings in anyway you want to.

Hostel flexible pricing

Your profit doubles with flexible pricing

Hostels like yours are occupied all the year round. With eZee’s hostel booking software, you can sell your beds at dynamic pricing depending on the occupancy and seasonal rush, earning you maximum revenue.

Hostel chain

Your hostel chain is easily taken care of

Even if your hostels are scattered at multiple locations, miles away from each other; our hostel management system will let you take care of all your hostel operations at all your locations just from a single place.

Hostel ota

You go global by connecting with the best OTAs

Our hostel channel manager connected with OTAs like Hostelworld, Hostelsclub, Hostelbookers and more, gets you more potential bookings from all across the world.

Hostel promotions

You can manage countless promotions

As a hostel owner, you must be constantly running hundreds of packages and promotions at your hostel to attract more travelers. Well, our hostel system will manage them effortlessly and give you detailed stats on it, which works best for you.

Hostel tours

You get to upsell your tours and activities

You must be definitely having tours or activities organized regularly for your guests. Through our hostel booking system, you can upsell those along with the beds and rooms right from your website.

Hostel Booking

You’re open to bookings from anywhere at anytime

Since you’ve got our responsive hostel booking engine fused in your website, you become 24x7 available to receive bookings from anywhere.

Hostel reputation

Even your precious online reputation is handled

Most of the guests you get are millennial travelers who depend highly on the reviews online. So you need to be constantly on your toes to maintain your online reputation, which our hostel management software will easily handle for you.

Hostel services

You witness your services getting better

Because your operations are completely automated with zero manual errors, you get a chance to focus on your guests, which improves your services.

Ready to offer services in a contactless environment?

Hospitality industry is observing a new wave of touch-free solutions. And, so your guests’ expectations are shifting to digital services. Here’s how our contactless hostel management solution will effortlessly suffice all needs of your guests.

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Plus, a foolproof hostel management system is at your doorstep

Our software integration with booking engine + channel manager helps to simplify your hostel operations even better.

Online Hostel Management Software

Online Hostel Management Software

Online Booking Engine

Online Booking Engine

Hostel Channel Manager

Hostel Channel Manager

FAQs: Find the answers to the questions that tickle your mind

  • Can I integrate this hostel management software with the booking engine and/or channel manager I am currently using?

    Yes, eZee’s hostel management software can be seamlessly integrated with whichever solutions you may be using presently. We’ve already integrated with many such solutions. See the entire list from here.

  • How can I be sure of my data security with this hostel management system?

    With our hostel management software, you can be completely sure about the safety of your data. Our servers hold the highest level of security with respect to the industry standards. Which is why no direct access can be acquired without proper authentication.

  • I have hostels located across different countries. Will this hostel software support different regional tax subjections?

    Yes, the hostel management software supports the respective taxes that the regions are subjected to.

  • Can this property management system for hostels help us manage the extra services we offer?

    Yes. With the integrated hotel booking engine in our hostel software, you can upsell, track as well as maintain your extra services very easily.

  • Can I get a demo of this hostel management system?

    Yes, definitely you can get a 14 day free trial from here.

  • How do I promote my hostel?

    Use these 9 Effective Hostel Marketing Tips to promote your hostel.

  • Do I have to pay extra for the hostel management app?

    Absolutely NOT. With eZee’s hostel PMS, you can get the app for free to manage all your operations on the go.

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