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Charges, Deposits and Invoicing

eZee's online hotel software lets you post charges on booking, collect deposits and deferred payments in any currency without any hassles.

Charges and Taxes

Charges and Taxes

Room Charges

Conveniently define all types of charges according to room types and rate plan. System applies the configured room charge with taxes as soon as the booking is created. Regardless of the stay duration, charges are posted automatically to guest folio once night audit is complete.

Extra Charges / Inclusion

Add extra charges as configured, for the services you provide to your guests. Based on the criteria you set, these charges will be posted automatically, or you’ll have to post them manually.

Transfer from POS

The sound interface between the web PMS and eZee's Restaurant POS allows a smooth flow of data including transferring charges from your restaurant to the guest folio in the hotel software and takes care of the room service operation without any extra efforts.

Transfer from Telephone System

If your hotel allows paid phone services, then you can easily define the rates for local and international calls in the system and transfer the charges to the respective folios.

Deposits, Payments and Account Receivables / Payables

Payments and Account Receivables

Keep Track of the Deposits

The eZee software allows you to simply post payment before arrival on your regular folio, which is considered as deposit. The PMS system automatically calculates, tracks, creates invoice and consumes the received deposits on your bookings.

Travel Agent Commission

Our solution allows you to set up commission plans for associated travel agents and based on bookings you receive from these sources, the commission amount is automatically calculated and posted to travel agent account upon guest check out.

Post Payments Anytime till Checkout

If you are using eZee software, your guest can make payments anytime - at or before checkout. In case your guest is not settling the folio by check-out and his company is going to pay on his behalf, then you can transfer the balance to city ledger account - which creates accounts receivable.

Supports Multiple Payments

Since the PMS system allows you to post multiple types of payment to a single folio, your guest can pay a part of the payment via credit card, and remaining by cash in local currency. You can even collect guest refunds by posting negative value payments. In addition, the system also accepts payments via X-charge, SlimCD, Zeamster and other payment gateways and more.

All-in-one cashiering center

Manage bills and payments of your company accounts along with travel agents from one place easily in this hotel back-office software. It also offers you filters and even maps payment with respective folios as you want.

Centralized credit card center

The smart hotel management system helps you perform various credit card operations like verify and charge the credit card, authorize, capture, extend and repeat the sale, refund and many more all from one place.

Folios, Vouchers and Invoices

Folios, Vouchers and Invoices

Summarized Folio

Seldom, your guest might request not to display detailed charges in his invoice; but he wants to include room charges, extra charges, payments inclusive of tax, discounts and other details in the folio. In such cases, the hotel invoice software allows you to use the option of a summarized folio.

Folio Routing

You can set up rules in the system to move room charges, inclusions and extra charges to be posted on other folios once you receive bookings. All the charges posted on the guest folio in the hotel software are automatically transferred to another as configured in the folio routing rule. You’ll only be able to configure folio routing rule in case of bookings having multiple folios or group booking folios.

Transfer, Split or Move Folio

With our hotel management software, you can effortlessly transfer charges between different folios. As per your guest’s convenience, the PMS system will let you split various types of guest folio at your hotel based on rooms, guest types, services rendered, or other charges. In group reservations, a guest may also ask for bill payment by the owner. In that case, you can move sub guest folio to owner’s folio.

Versatile Folio

The hotel bill software offers you various folio options that are used to post charges, record payments, city ledger transfers from the guest, companies, etc. Each booking can have an unlimited number of folios and you can bill all of them separately.

Multi-Currency Support

Hotels have visitors from all over the world and there is no denying the importance of multi-currency support. To accommodate these world travellers, our hotel management software allows you to create folios in as many currencies as required.

Customize Invoices

Evolving with the upcoming changes, we are open to customizing our invoices as per your rules and policies set by the judicial authorities. Additionally, we will translate our invoices in any regional language as needed.

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