I've had several conversations over the last few weeks with friends and family, sharing the books, movies, TV, podcasts and music that we're loving at the moment. I'm always interested in finding new and interesting information, in learning and expanding my horizons and I love getting recommendations from people I know. With that in mind,... Continue Reading →

Not So Great Expectations

We all have certain expectations for our lives, strong ideas about what should and will happen to and for us. We base our expectations on our past experiences, our hopes and dreams, our desire to impress each other, what we see in movies, and any number of other ideas and influences. But do you ever... Continue Reading →

Moral Superiority

Regardless of the individual issue, you consider yours to be the right side, the morally superior one. The stance that you take isn't a decision that's arbitrary or taken lightly, you hold the beliefs that you do for a reason. The family and culture you were brought up in, the age you live in, your... Continue Reading →

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