My plan vs. God’s Plan

When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.Isaiah 43:2 So, our home still hasn't sold. If you've been following our progress at all, you'll know that it's been listed for two months now and other than one lowball offer early on, we've had no others. We've lowered the price $15,000 and we... Continue Reading →

Our First Trip to Philly

This past weekend Ron and I visited our daughter, Ciara and her husband, Paul in Philadelphia! They moved to Philly a few months ago and now that they're finally all settled in, we jumped at the chance to check out their new city and apartment, to meet our new grand-kitty, Sweetie and most importantly to... Continue Reading →

What do I need?

In making our plans to downsize drastically from a 3 bedroom home to an RV, I find myself thinking about this daily. To be honest, I've had this question of "what do I need" in the front of my mind for the majority of my life, but I'm considering it now in a way that... Continue Reading →

Downsize & Minimize

Aside from selling our home and vehicles and purchasing our new RV, the biggest project we're tackling right now is the purging of all the stuff we've accumulated over the last 20+ years but don't actually need. Facing the transition from a 1600 square foot home with a 2 car garage to an RV with... Continue Reading →

The Big Decision!

"Someday when we're older, when we retire, wouldn't it be great to take off in an RV and travel around exploring?" My husband, Ron and I have had this conversation countless times. Of course it was always just that, a dream conversation in the same way that we'd lay out our plans for how we'd... Continue Reading →

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