One careful step after another

I tread lightly, gingerly winding my way up and over and through

The uneven rocks and gravel that gives way

Under feet that have forgotten how to navigate

This untamed, unforgiving landscape as

The desert welcomes me home

Dry, thin air labors to fill lazy lungs and

I steady myself against the stone walls with

Hands made soft through comfort and calm as

My delicate mind and body are purified

By the rough, unyielding terrain of

The desert welcoming me home

Danger surrounds me, this arid land

Teeming with all manner of creatures armed with

Sharp teeth and stingers full of venom

Eager to strike at the inexperienced wanderer

Yet I feel welcomed, not warned as

The desert welcomes me home

The sun splashes warmth on all it touches while

Shadows chill to the bone and surrounded by death

I see new life blooming in every direction

My hunger increases as my heart beats stronger

And my aching thirst is quenched by

The desert welcoming me home

Cacti stand confident and I take comfort in their

Spines protecting the life-giving moisture inside

Their strong flesh there to sustain me if needed

I bathe myself in the wisdom of these weather-worn valleys and the

Acceptance of knowing I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be as

The desert welcomes me home

With a deep gulp of the crisp, clear air I allow the

Truth that I’ve turned and run from to wash over me

Exposed, I stand stone still and let the beauty of this place consume me

Remembering finally who I am and where I come from and

As the fog recedes I close my eyes and fall into the open arms of

The desert welcoming me home

Copyright 2020, all rights reserved. All images taken by my unless otherwise stated.

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