Why I Never Believe

You swore that you wrote that song on the radio

About the lion sleeping in the jungle tonight

You told me that the rocks eat the oak trees and I marveled at

The huge stones, bellies full and bloated

You laughed and called me naive

And you wonder why I never believe you


You told me you had me on purpose

That being a mom at sixteen was preferable

To another day at home with your parents

Who said I should be aborted

Then you sent me off with them and they

Showered me with love and affection

Nothing at all like you described

And you wonder why I never believe you


You said I was always number one and no one would come before me

But they always did, one him and then another

The fighting raged on and you reasoned that it was all for me

But I begged you to leave and we always stayed

And you wonder why I never believe you


You swore I was capable and strong

Fully able to handle anything that came my way

You scoffed at my tears and told me to buck up, to handle it

I put on my best disguise for you but

I’m nowhere near the rock you willed me to be

I’m a soft-centered candy collapsing at

The first gnash of teeth

And you wonder why I never believe you


You promised you would always be here

Supporting and defending me

But the disease stole you from me slowly

Body then mind then spirit

Now I’m here reflecting on all the stories you told

Still separating fact from fiction

And one question remains

I wonder why I never believed you


Copyright 2020, all rights reserved. All images taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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