Motivational Seeker

What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

You can do anything that you want to do, be anything that you want to be. Make a decision. Pick a direction for your life and start running. No, not that direction. Do something meaningful, make a difference in the world. Make a difference in someone’s life. Make money. Make a lot of money. Get a second job to supplement your income. Work hard. Work harder. Keep grinding, you’ll get there eventually. Stay positive. Stop complaining. Push harder, those bootstraps were made for pulling. Buy the things, show the world how successful you are. Fake it ’til you make it. Someday you’ll make it, just work harder. Buy it on credit, you’ll be able to afford it all once you get that promotion. Keep hustling, you’re almost there. Buy the house and the car and the clothes and the trips. The image of success is key, make it look easy. Get a third job if you have to, keep going. One day you’ll get there. Pay your bills on time. Tighten that belt, don’t let yourself fall behind. Only losers struggle to stay afloat, you’re a winner. All you need to do is work harder and a little tug on those bootstraps. Eat healthy, make organic homemade meals every day. Stay active, get outside, get to the gym. Get your hair cut and colored often, get your nails done. Take pride in your appearance. Smile all the time, even when it hurts. Don’t complain, just smile and keep plugging away at it. Take care of your husband. Take care of your children. Take care of your parents. Take care of your pets. Take care of yourself, you look like you’ve let yourself go. Are you getting enough sleep? Oh you’re sick again, you aren’t taking proper care of yourself. Don’t call in sick, we need you. Smile, work harder. Take the initiative, don’t wait to be asked. Plan some time with your friends. Plan a vacation. Plan a date night, don’t neglect your marriage. Keep the spark alive, keep the mystery and allure. Be a loving wife. Be a doting mother. Be a devoted daughter. Be a model employee. Be a trusted friend. Be happy. Be content. Never stop striving for better, never settle. Self improvement is admirable. Post that picture in Instagram, wait for the wave of likes. Be yourself. Be authentic. Take a deep breath, meditate on what you’re grateful for. Embrace your spirituality. Engage in your faith community. Volunteer, join a church group. Give of your time, help others. Work hard, keep working. Get some hobbies, join a club. Help your kids with their homework. Stop being lazy, that’s your problem. Just try harder.

Copyright 2020, all rights reserved. All images taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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