Focused Intention for 2020

As a new year and a whole new decade approaches tomorrow night, I find myself reflecting on the last ten years and looking forward at what’s to come. I imagine that many people are doing much the same right now, the beginning of a new year always seems to bring on the need to examine our lives and make decisions on changes that we can make. We want to improve our diets, our attitude, our financial situations, our relationships. Every year I make a firm list of resolutions with every intention of sticking with them but it never fails, I’ve abandoned the majority of them within a couple of months. So this year I decided to try something new.

Instead of broad, sweeping resolutions and vague declarations like “lose weight”, “work out more”, pay off debt” and “spend more time with family & friends”, I have decided to take a more detailed micro approach. After much consideration I came up with the one specific theme that I want to focus on for 2020, which is “FOCUSED INTENTION”. By that I mean getting clear on what I want to spend my time and attention on and focusing my energy on those areas. To start 2020 my main areas of focus are:

  1. Healthy, plant-based eating
  2. Physical exercise 4 days a week
  3. Paying down debt and getting house ready to sell
  4. More blogging and submitting writing for potential publication
  5. Reduce screen time – social media and TV
  6. Read more, goal of one book per week
  7. Daily journal, prayer and bible study time
  8. Positive attitude – eliminate gossip and negative talk and thoughts about myself and others
  9. Seek out opportunities to help others
  10. Seek out new people, new experiences and new adventures

My idea with this is that instead of setting hard and fast rules for myself, I’m determining what I want to focus on and moving with determination toward those things. I’ve started a journal for the new year and with that I’ll be making a weekly schedule that tracks the areas I’m focusing on. Meal plans, budgets, writing ideas, all of it will be tracked there so that I can stay accountable to myself and what I’ve decided is important. I have no doubt that I’ll likely fall short of my goals but I’m hopeful that by making this a fluid, living, breathing list of where I want to focus my intention instead of a list of changes to make, I’ll be more successful than ever before.

I’m excited about the upcoming year and all that is to come! We are committed to moving forward with our plan of snowbird RV life and I’m positive that we can take the next few steps to make that happen this year. I’m so beyond grateful for the life that I have. For my wonderful husband who is my best friend and my two amazing kids, for my four crazy and lovable dogs, for the beautiful place we live, for the friends and family we share our lives with. I know that I am blessed beyond all understanding and no matter the challenges I face I remind myself of that all the time.

So Cheers to a new year and a new decade! May we all be blessed with peace, love, health and prosperity. May we come together and help each other, may we soften our hearts and sharpen our minds, may we love hard, forgive easily and laugh at it all. May we all determine what is truly important and live our lives for those things. May 2020 be the best year we’ve ever lived!

Copyright 2019, all rights reserved. Photo taken by Ron Edgington.

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