Worry vs. Prayer

“Worry is a conversation you have with yourself about things you cannot change. Prayer is a conversation you have with God about the things He can change.”

This is a quote that I’ve seen floating around lately and while I’m not sure who said it, I love that it explains so simply how useless worry and stress are compared to how helpful and freeing prayer can be. While I’ve only started “formally” praying in the last couple of years, I have really been praying all my life. My prayers always feel like conversations with God though rather than a form letter. I don’t always start or end with the right words and sometimes my mind drifts away in the middle of my prayers. In fact, I often start praying before my feet ever hit the floor and I end every night praying and often drift to sleep before I finish. For me, it’s an ongoing dialogue with my Father and I return to it over and over again as I go through my day. I give thanks for opportunities, I ask for strength and peace and wisdom as I face obstacles, I pray for others as I encounter them and see their need. And no matter what I’m facing, it never fails to help. No, it doesn’t always take away the stress or fear or uncertainty I’m feeling. Solutions don’t magically materialize as soon as I say the right words. What happens for me is that I feel a calm come over me as I send my struggles up, a feeling that His arms are around me and my burdens are not mine to bear alone. I feel a safety and a security that no matter the outcome of my current situation, I’ll never fall. My Father has a tight hold on me and that tether can never break. The freedom and peace that I feel when I hand it all over to God in prayer is an incredible gift that strengthens my faith and confirms for me that I’m talking to Him just the way I’m supposed to and that He’s always listening.

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