🎡 Let me tell you about my best friends 🎢

Aside from my husband, my kids and my immediate family, my 4 dogs are truly my best friends in the world. They are my constant daily companions, they keep me company and keep us entertained all the time. They will be joining us on this RV journey so I wanted to take a moment to introduce them here. I’ll be sharing some of their crazier past antics as well as more to come in the future I’m sure.

Up first we have Charlie and Copper, brothers from the same litter. Their mother was Pixie, my first chihuahua whom I loved dearly. They are almost 10 years old and have lived with us since their birth at home 3 days before Ron and I were married. Charlie is the sweetest little baby in the world and always wants to cuddle, especially under warm blankets. He has a slightly obscene marking on his back, which is hilarious and he loves to lick the inside of ears and foreheads. Literally, he’s obsessed with them. And he’s the enforcer of the pack, always quick to jump in and run interference when the other dogs are playing or arguing or breathing or otherwise bothering him. Copper has a bit of an attitude problem, I’ll admit. He likes to cuddle close, then growl at you when you touch him, then cuddle closer. He’s completely bipolar but once you know that, you love him all the more. He also sneezes repeatedly when he’s excited, which is just weird. His nose sits crooked on his face so when you look at him straight on, he vaguely resembles one of those weird Picasso paintings. These two little gentlemen are less than 5 pounds each and yet they put out so much heat between the two of them that they often cook us completely out of the bed.

Next we have Sasha and Winnie, our labs. Sasha is a chocolate almost 9 years old and Winchester (Winnie) is a yellow almost 4. Sasha is the calmest of the 4 dogs and the only lady. She is just as sweet and lovable as they come and is the zen force in our home. She has the softest, velvety ears and lips and when she was a puppy she actually smelled like chocolate. She’s got eyes that stare into your soul and seem to really understand you. However don’t let that calm demeanor fool you, she’s also the only 1 of the 4 that will take off when your back is turned and run around the neighborhood. She’s smart and crafty like that, lulls you into a sense of calm before bolting. And lastly, there’s Winnie. Oh, what to say about this dog…..he’s CRAZY! He’s like Marley from Marley & Me, seriously. The stories I could tell you about Winnie, whew! One of these days I’ll share those here. He gets into all kinds of mischief, from laying in mud puddles and running headfirst into the pond to breaking all of our dishes days after we bought them (THAT’S a story). He was the last to join our home and while he’s the biggest of the 4 he thinks he’s the size of Charlie and Copper. He wants so badly to be a lapdog and tries all the time. No matter how much he makes me crazy, he literally never stops smiling and he just wants to be with me and on me and loves me SO MUCH that even while I’m cleaning up his 15th mess of the day, I can’t stay mad at him longer than a minute. He’s a big, bumbling dork that you just can’t help but adore.

So that’s them, my crazy crew. I can’t wait to see how they adjust to life on the road with us, I’m sure we’ll have more than our share of mishaps and adventures. But I couldn’t imagine any kind of life without my furbabies, they’re my 3 men and a lady and I love them to the moon and back!

Copyright 2019, all rights reserved.  All images taken by me unless otherwise stated.

2 thoughts on “🎡 Let me tell you about my best friends 🎢

  1. Life will definitely be entertaining with four fur babies on the road. You are doing a great job with your blog. You are very good at writing your story. I love it!!!


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